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What is the Difference Between a N95 Mask and a N95 Respirator?

Difference between N95 Mask & N95 Respirator

Facepiece Filter Respirators The NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health) has released and approved different products, specifically particulate filtering facepiece respirators. Some of these filtering facepiece respirators are mostly worn as a part of the personal protective equipment needed, especially now that the pandemic is widespread. These facepiece respirators protect their users by […]

Is a Respirator Better than an N95?

Respirator versus N95

Respirator is a personal protective equipment designed to protect the wearers by filtering out particles in the air they breathe. Respirators are now rampantly used ever since the COVID19 pandemic started. Respirators are very demanding because they give a different level of protection than the usual surgical mask does. Because of this, the demand for […]

What is Equivalent to N95?

What is Equivalent to N95?

Personal Protective Equipment  Personal Protective Equipment or PPE is worn to minimize exposure to hazardous materials or chemicals that can cause work-related injuries or illness. To ensure their employee’s overall safety, the employer must conduct a hazard assessment to determine the correct type of PPE to be used – depending on how hazardous the workplace […]