Are KN95 Masks Disposable?

Are KN95 Masks Disposable_

Recently, most people are looking for a better mask they can use, especially now that the World health organization (WHO) has recommended a mask as a necessity to survive the pandemic. A mask’s function is not just to protect you from any bacteria, virus, or pollutant particles; it should also be well-fitted in other to improve the protective efficiency. Canada’s kn95 mask is one such mask; a filtering mask is recommended as a preventive measure for the ongoing pandemic. In this write –up, to better explain if the KN95 mask is disposable, we’ll also explain other essential things you need to know about the mask. So, let’s get started!

What Does KN95 Mean?

KN95 stands for a regulatory standard, especially for filtering facepiece respirators. The standard refers to a design that ensures filtration is efficient, with a tight seal on the face, and has a minimum leakage. This is why the kn95 is being used against the current COVID-19 pandemic because it certifies all international standards. 

Since April 2020, this mask has generally been available to help people fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Different healthcare professionals also use it since the FDA approved it. The kn95 mask is designed to fit around the face tightly, and it also can create an airtight seal. This mask is different from any other mask because it features an ear loop, unlike other masks designed with a head strap attachment that either goes behind the neck or ear. Another unique feature of this mask is that it can be put on very fast without any delay, and it also aligns well from the nose area to the chin. This makes it difficult for any particles to enter the nose or the mouth. As a result of these features, many have since favored the kn95 mask for public opinion. 

Are kn95 masks disposable?

In case you’ve not noticed, the kn95 masks are made up of multiple layer protection. These layers are manufactured using high-quality nonwoven fabric. They are also hydrophobic, making them water and droplet proof, filter particles, and hypoallergenic materials. The kn95 mask is referred to as disposable filtering. It is meant to be used just once by the wearer and discarded to prevent potential exposure to virus peradventure they’ve been contaminated during their use. 

In a situation where you continue to wear and remove the kn95 face mask, there is an excellent chance of reaching your face, which exposes you to any disease infection. Remember, it is difficult to tell on the spot which is infected or not. Removing the mask for a minute is enough to expose you to any virus that renders the mask useless. Though there is no stipulated time according to medical experts on the exact time to extend the use of the kn95 mask, that does not mean that the mask should just be worn for an extended period. 

There is a minor variance between extending and reusing the mask. According to medical experts, it is preferable to extend the face mask rather than reuse it. For instance, if you’re on a shift, it’s essential to wear the mask until your shift is over. Ensure you avoid putting the mask on and off. Remember, one of the ways the virus spread is by touching your face. 

At CanGardCare, our kn95 disposal face mask is manufactured with four layers of nonwoven fabric. They’re soft, friendly to the skin, and contain breathable properties. The mask can be used in different settings or work environment against dust particles, pollen, air pollutants, and allergens. It should always be in your pockets as you move around for germs prevention via inhaling. This will, in turn, help to safeguard your health.

How to Handle KN95 Masks?

It is not enough to wear your kn95 mask; it is also essential to know how to handle it, especially the decontaminated mask. Follow the instructions below;

  • When you touch or adjust the mask, it’s essential to clean your hands with soap and water. Alternatively, you can run an alcohol-based sanitizer (at 60% alcohol) on your hands.
  • Resist from touching the inside of the mask.
  • It is essential to make use of non-sterile gloves when touching and to adjust the mask.
  • It’s often essential to take your time to inspect the mask in other to check if the fitting has been compromised. 
  • You also need to check if the nose components such as the straps, nose bridge, or nose foam material have degraded. This is important so the efficiency won’t be compromised. 
  • Properly dispose of a used mask to a place other people won’t touch it. 

When to Dispose of the kn95 Face Mask

Though the kn95 mask Canada can be reused, it’s important to note that it has limitations. For example, whenever you find it challenging to breathe via the mask due to extended use, the mask should immediately be disposed of. Furthermore, when you notice any damage to the mask, it should also be disposed of.  

In Conclusion

The kn95 mask Canada mask should immediately be disposed of when you’re done using it. This is important because it will go a long way to reduce the spread of any disease. If you want to reuse it, the laid download guidelines must be followed to the latter. However, it must be washed before use. It is also essential to note that the Kn95 mask must be used correctly to be protected from any germs or viruses. Finally, each mask must be used by one person.