Do I Need To Wear Personal Protective Equipment if I Have Recovered From COVID-19 Infection?

Do I Need To Wear Personal Protective Equipment if I Have Recovered From COVID-19 Infection

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, refers to protective items worn to protect people from harmful substances, such as harmful chemicals, occupational hazards, and infectious viruses, including the coronavirus. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for PPE has significantly increased due to increased calls for protection in many different workplaces and even simply out in public. The use of personal protective equipment has been shown to prevent transmission of the virus between people, which is why it is one of the most important steps we can take in preventing the spread of the virus when we leave our homes.

Personal protective equipment can refer to a range of different products, from gloves to masks to disinfectants to face shields – all of these are important in various circumstances, and all of these do their part in protecting people from the virus. Masks have now been made mandatory in many places across the globe due to the extensive evidence to say that they will help protect the public, most especially frontline workers such as doctors, nurses, and care home workers.

But who really needs to wear PPE? Do we all need it, or is it simply those who have not caught the virus and wish to prevent it from spreading to them? This article will explore whether those who have recovered from COVID-19 still need to wear PPE.

How does personal protective equipment protect against COVID-19?

Even with the introduction of a vaccination schedule beginning in many countries, the coronavirus continues to spread and will do so until everyone has received the vaccine in full. This means that many measures still need to be taken in protecting against the virus in order to ensure that it does not spread further until it can be better controlled through wider immunization.

We are advised to take many measures against the virus, such as social distancing, hand-washing, and isolating for up to fourteen days if we have symptoms of the virus. However, an important step that must not be overlooked is the use of personal protective equipment to protect us against the virus when we are going about essential everyday tasks like going food shopping or using public transport. Even with everyone staying home as much as possible, there are still going to be essential reasons that we need to go out into public.

Personal protective equipment protects us against the virus by limiting the virus’s chances of getting into our systems, either through the air or on surfaces. It also protects those around us from getting the virus if we have it ourselves, seeing as people can be asymptomatic.  

When we use masks, we are significantly less likely to pick up the virus when going about our everyday tasks than when we do not wear a mask. The same can be said for gloves and gowns, most frequently worn by healthcare professionals, which prevents the virus from getting on hands or clothes.

Who needs personal protective equipment?

A common question that is asked is whether those who have already recovered from COVID-19 should continue to wear PPE.  

The answer is that everyone should wear PPE, even those who have already had and recovered from the virus. There are multiple reasons for this:

Recovered people have been shown to shed viral particles still after they have recovered from the virus, meaning that even after you feel better, you could still potentially infect others. For this reason, it is recommended that recovered patients of the COVID-19 virus should continue to wear PPE as usual.

The second reason for this is that there is no conclusive evidence that those who have had COVID-19 cannot get the virus again. As we know from the new strains that are emerging all the time, the virus can mutate and change as time goes on. This means that those who have already had it can catch it again. Therefore, those who have had the virus and recovered still must be careful by wearing the appropriate PPE due to the fact that they can get it again.

This means that every person must wear personal protective equipment, regardless of whether they have previously had the virus or not.

Where can I get PPE?

When aiming to stay protected against the COVID-19 virus, it is important not only that we all wear personal protective equipment but also to make sure that we choose high-quality products.

Studies have shown that a high-quality mask can be far more effective in protecting against the virus than a simple cloth one; the difference in your PPE quality can be the difference between getting the virus and not getting it.

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