How to Choose the Best COVID Mask for Your School-Age Kid

school kids running with face masks

Do the masks you choose for your kids matter? This is a question that has caused heated discussion on different platforms amid the rising cases of the Delta variant. Parents are more worried and anxious to get accurate answers on which the best COVID mask for kids is.

While many parents continue to share tips on choosing the best face covers for their kids, experts advise that COVID masks should be selected based on their effectiveness and ability to protect children from pathogens.

What Should You Look for When Buying Kids’ Masks?

No single description will lead you to the best face mask for kids. According to experts, children will only stay with masks effectively if they find them comfortable. If they don’t find them good to wear, they might keep fiddling with them all day.

A perfect mask should also rest well above the nose and cover the mouth, extending to the chin. What’s more, parents should settle for masks with at least three layers for better filtration of respiratory droplets.

For How Long Can You Wear a Disposable Mask for COVID?

According to experts, there is no recommended time for replacing your disposable mask. However, masks should be replaced once they get wet, damaged or dirty. Kids should also change their masks after touching the inside.

Best COVID Masks for School-Age Kids

To help you select comfortable face masks for kids, we have put together a list of the best-rated masks according to health experts.

Kids Level-3 Surgical Face Masks

Available in blue and black, these face masks have been tested and proven to be effective for kids aged 3-15 years. They have three layers that offer a filtration efficiency rated above 98 percent. Measuring 5.7″ x 3.75″ (14.5 x 9.5 cm), these masks are water-resistant and feature an adjustable nose piece and ear-loop to enhance their comfort.

ASTM level-2 Medical Grade Kids Disposable Masks

These 3-layer disposable masks are an ideal fit for kids aged 3 to 12 years. They have been designed with an ear-loop and an adjustable nose strip to fit children well.

Kids CA N95 Respirator

The Kids CA N95 respirator mask has 10 respirators that offer your child maximum protection against airborne particles and fluids. They are perfect for kids aged between 4-10 years, measure 7.0625″ X 2.6875″, and are available in black and white colours.

Kids KN95 Respirator

Closely related to the CA N95 respirator mask is the KN95, which comes with an additional fourth layer for filtering carbon or any other particles. It’s suitable for kids aged between 4-10 years. This protective wear is available in various designs, including Pink Bunny, Rainbow, Dinosaur, Spaceship, Explorer, Pokémon, Universe, Donut Bear, and more.

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Kids FFP2 Respirator

With more than 94 percent particle and bacteria filtration efficiency, the FFP2 respirator mask is suitable for kids between 1-6 years old. They also have 4-ply protection and come in different designs, including, Unicorn and Dinosaur.

What is the difference?

The CA N95, KN95, and FFP2 respirators are designed to fit the face better. The better fit leaves fewer gaps in between the face and the mask and allows the user to breathe in air that has been filtered through the mask.

How to Make Mask Wearing Experience Better for Kids

Wearing face masks can be frustrating, especially for kids learning to do it. However, you can enhance the experience of children wearing masks at school with other accessories such as ear savers. Ear savers are adapters that improve the fit of kids’ masks, making them more comfortable.

Sometimes, your kid can find it hard to stay in a COVID mask for a long time. If this happens, you can try other alternatives, such as face shields. However, a face shield is not as effective as a face mask when it comes to protecting the child from respiratory droplets.

A face mask should work for your child’s needs, whether it be style, health, or fit. Talking to a professional about your child’s specific needs will ensure that you are getting the mask that fits them the best.

Get the Safest Masks for Kids

The safest mask for kids should be comfortable to wear for a long time and fit correctly on your child’s face. Want to find the right mask for your child? We can help! Give our team at CanGard a call today to find the best mask for you and your child.