How To Choose The Best Type of Face Masks Based on Your Need?

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With COVID-19 came rules and regulations. Most of us could not imagine wearing masks all the time, but we have had to adjust in the last two years. Unlike today, it was hard to get good-quality masks in the early pandemic days. Now you can choose between different types of facemasks like fabric masks, surgical or medical masks like N95 and KN95 respirators.

What Types Of Masks Are Best For COVID-19?

Most cloth masks are not as protective against COVID-19. However, some of the best masks that can help protect you from the virus are the KN95 and N95. These are the face coverings that medical staff and caregivers typically wear. With all the different masks out there these days, you may be asking yourself what kind of mask is best for you?

1. Fabric Masks

There are numerous types of fabric masks in the market. You can find ones with a single layer or with multiple layers where you can add a filter. Although fabric masks may not be the best, it is still important to have some kind of face-covering to help prevent the spread of the virus.

2. Surgical Masks

Surgical masks block most droplets from infected persons as well as virus-sized particles from penetrating the mask. Level 3 surgical masks are the highest grade in surgical masks available and they prevent high-pressure fluids from penetrating the mask. Surgical masks are disposable and loose-fitting and any air that enters through the gaps surrounding the mask will not be filtered. Although this is not the perfect solution, these types of marks are widely available and still offer protection for the everyday user.

3. KN95 Masks

The US Food and Drug Administration refers to KN95 masks as “filtering facepiece respirators.” KN95 masks are similar to the N95 masks. These masks are based on Chinese standards and are slightly different from US standards. The mask should filter 95% of airborne droplets that are the size of 0.3 microns. CanGard carries the highest quality KN95 masks on the market, along with multiple styles and colours to better fit your needs.

4. N95 Masks

An N95 mask material has several layers and provides you with coverage to the nose and mouth. It is a more tight-fitting mask compared to surgical masks. The N95 is nonwoven, which means its fibers are haphazardly placed and harder for particles to get through. The N95’s design enables it to protect you effectively and let you breathe properly at the same time.

The N95 mask specifications allow them to filter:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Allergens

What is the difference?

The KN95 and N95 respirators are designed to fit the face better. The better fit leaves fewer gaps in between the face and the mask and allows the user to breathe in air that has been filtered through the mask.

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Types of N95 Masks

N95 masks come in various types, and you can get one depending on your needs.

  • Disposable N95: Both healthcare workers and industrial workers use this type of face mask in their respective healthcare and industrial settings.
  • Re-usable N95 masks: These masks are washable and re-usable and has a replaceable multi-function filter.

Things to Consider Before Buying an N95 Mask

Before you buy an N95 mask, there are some things you should consider:


Different conditions like asthma and sensitive skin require different mask styles and fit. At CanGard we have multiple different models that will better suit your individual needs and health conditions. We are available to answer your questions and find a mask that suits your needs best.


N95 masks may not be suitable for people who have certain types of beards as the mask will not provide the snug fit it is supposed to. CanGard carries multiple models of masks and will help you find the mask that is suited for your needs.

Shelf Life

The typical shelf life of an N95 mask is 5 -10 years from the manufacturing date. Always refer to the label for more details, or consult with a member of the CanGard team. Ensure you have spare masks to avoid using one mask beyond its recommended filter life. When the mask overextends the filter life, it is less effective and makes it harder to breathe.

You may have heard that some companies do mask fittings, but normally these fittings are usually done for individuals who are required to wear a mask all day (i.e. healthcare workers, front line workers). At CanGard we offer a variety of masks for your needs, along with mask fitting partners that can help you with your mask fitting needs. If you would like a mask fitting, we would be happy to connect you with one of our partners.

A face mask should work for your needs, whether it be style, health, or fit. Talking to a professional about your specific needs will ensure that you are getting the mask that fits your lifestyle the best.

Need to find the right mask for you? Look no further. At CanGard, we can help. Give our team a call today to learn more.