How to Keep Your Personal Workspace Clean (Office Cleaning Checklist)

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Just as with the different rooms in your home, your workspace has its own needs for cleaning and disinfection. It is easy to get so caught up in work that you forget to maintain your place of work as well as you should. Whether you’re a tradesperson who spends a great deal of time in their vehicle and different sites throughout the day or a person who works in the same cubicle or home office throughout the day, you can use this office cleaning checklist to make sure your space is as clean as it can be.

Basic Organization 

Your first task should be to determine if your current workspace organization is working for you. Everything you use on a daily basis should be within reach and have a spot for you to return it to. You need to balance utility and the need to keep the space clutter-free. That might mean putting some items in storage and out of sight and also limiting the number of personal items that are displayed. 

Safety Practices 

If you require personal protective equipment to perform your job, it is essential that the equipment has a dedicated spot nearby so that you can always reach it when you need it. If you use disposable items, then you should also have a garbage can nearby in order to keep contamination to a minimum. Other safety practices might include ensuring your tools are put away properly, their safety guards are on, and that you wash your hands before you approach your workspace. 

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Basic Cleaning 

Speaking of washing, your personal space could use some too. Whether it’s your vehicle cab or your desk, few people clean their workspace as often as they need to. We suggest that you wipe your surfaces down with soap and water once a day, but also: 

  • After eating in the space 
  • After spills or accidents 
  • Between each guest or client 

In order to clean the space effectively, use a cleaning solution that is ideal for the type of surface, from plastic to wood. Wipe it down in one direction without going back—because that technique spreads germs. You can use colour-coded cloths if your workplace has multiple surfaces that need multiple cleaners. 


Cleaning and disinfecting are different. Cleaning is removing dirt and debris. Disinfecting is destroying the bacteria, viruses and other harmful pathogens that may be on your desk. You need to clean before you disinfect, so that dirt and other debris will not interfere with the disinfectant. It is best to choose a solution which is intended for your specific kind of work surface (i.e. metal, wood, plastic) and that is ideal for the kind of pathogen you may need to kill. 

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