How To Wear A CN95 Mask?

How To Wear A CN95 Mask

When you are in a place where there is a high exposure to dust and other particles like air droplets that carry infectious diseases, wearing a face mask to prevent these things from entering your body are the best solution.

But not all masks function the same way. For that reason, it is important to consider the filtering capacity, as well as the other features of a face mask type before using them. This is so you know what it’s capable of filtering and how much protection it can give you.

A classic example of face masks that is widely known to filter out 95% of particles that is not oil based is the N95 respirator mask. Out of all the face mask types that are readily available, N95 offers a better way of having cleaner air, but it is only second to the P100 mask.

Why Use A CN95 Mask?

The N95 mask has a lot of versions that are made from various countries. Although there are similarities in some of the versions, they each have unique characteristics that make them stand out from the rest. One of these versions is the CN95 mask that was manufactured in Canada. 

This Canadian N95 version is packed with a lot of benefits to its usage. Not only does it offer comfort, but it also has a good fit for all face shapes. One of the most notable features is the fact that it contains activated carbon in its filter.

Activated carbon is well-known for its ability to absorb dirt and odors. This helps keep the air you breathe clean and free from any foul odors. Here are some other notable features that you can find in the CN95 mask.

  1. Leakproof – The snug fit of this mask does not allow any leakage of air. Additionally, the structure of the mask has no puncture on the filter too. To further ensure its leak proof feature, the elastics are sown on the outside.
  2. Color-Coded – The color of the CN95 masks signifies the level of protection it offers to the user. The CN95 has variants for various uses; ranging from clinical use to engineering.
  3. Breathable – The CN95 offers comfort in breathing and communication through its unique butterfly valve design. It also removes heat build-up inside the mask.
  4. Flame Retarded – This safety feature protects the user from catching fire not only the welding sparks if used in engineering but also in times when the job involved handling flammable substances or materials.

There’s still a lot of features that haven’t been mentioned. But these are just some of the most notable ones that you should remember if you’re considering buying CN95 masks.

How To Wear A CN95 Mask

Knowing how to wear a CN95 mask is important if you want a guaranteed protection against harmful particles in the air. There are many situations wherein you can wear CN95 masks. It can be when there is an airborne pandemic like the current Covid-19 pandemic, or if there’s a recent fire that has affected the overall air quality.

The CN95 can be used to protect your lungs from suffering lung-related illnesses, which can in turn affect your overall health. Remember to check with your doctor for any respiratory or cardiac conditions before wearing the mask to prevent any adverse reactions.

Here are four easy steps on how to wear a CN95 mask:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before donning the mask

To avoid contaminating the mask, avoid touching it if your hands are still dirty. Always remember to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to avoid contact contamination. 

Make sure to also dry your hands before touching the mask to avoid getting the mask wet. The moisture might deactivate the chemicals in the filter media, so it’s best to avoid getting it wet.

  • Cup the mask with one hand and place it over your mouth and nose

Place the mask on the palm of your hand so the straps will hang down. Then, position it on your face in a way that it covers your nose and mouth. The nosepiece should be positioned on the bridge of your nose for comfort and a snug fit.

Try not to touch the inside portion of the mask to avoid contamination. Remember to only touch the outer part and the edges to adjust the mask. 

  • Pull the straps over your head

N95 masks usually have two straps. If your CN95 also has this, then gently pull the straps over your head. Secure the lower strap on the nape of your neck while still holding the mask firmly to your face. And then, pull the top strap over your head and set it just above your ears.

  • Mold the aluminum nosepiece to the shape the bridge of your nose

The CN95 mask has an aluminum nosepiece on the top-center of the mask that helps keep the mask leak proof. It is important that you mold it to the shape of your nose’s bridge to keep the fit tight.

You can do this by placing two fingers on either side of the mask and running them down to the sides of your nose bridge.

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