What Are The Strongest Nitrile Gloves?

Strongest Nitrile Gloves

The rampant cases of the COVID19 pandemic undeniably made various changes in our lives. We become more conscious of our surroundings and the different people we are interacting with. In order to be protected, we are advised to wear personal protective equipment if we are to leave our respective houses. Communities in different countries had to lock down some areas with the aim of controlling the spread of the virus. Economies suffered many losses, and families exposed to the virus had to cope up with familial diseases. It was indeed a very rough journey for everyone. 

Thankfully, we are not alone in this battle. Together with the different government and non-government organizations, healthcare workers, medical volunteers, and everyone who extended their hands during the peak of the crisis were the real heroes of today’s generation. These people are considered the “front-liners” during the pandemic, and it is only safe to say that they need all the kind of protection they can have from acquiring the virus themselves to continue their fight for this battle. Some essential personal protective equipment required to protect these people from the virus are:

  • Surgical Masks
  • Particulate Filter Respirators (such as N95)
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Glasses
  • Face Shields
  • Gowns
  • Aprons

Gloves PPE

One of the personal protective equipment worn by those that are battling with COVID hand in hand is gloves. Gloves are worn when a person is susceptible to the potential exposure of injuries from constant contact with harmful chemicals, infectious agents, abrasive, cold, heat, and when cutting objects. With the emergent use of gloves, many types are available in the market that anyone can purchase. However, one should know that not all gloves are efficiently designed for preventing skin contact against harmful chemical substances or infectious diseases. There are certain glove characteristics such as thickness, permeation, rate, and time that are to be considered in this matter. 

Different appropriate gloves would depend on the glove specifications in safety supply catalogs and laboratories. Manufacturers should verify the information about chemical resistance in the gloves since specific materials like nitrile are manufactured from different manufacturers that vary a lot in their performance depending upon the glove design and manufacturing methods. 

Nitrile Gloves

The common material of gloves that was widely used before is latex. However, this kind of material sometimes creates different skin allergies to the wearer. Thus, nitrile gloves are now known to be the most effective substitute for your latex gloves. A nitrile glove is made from a synthetic nitrile rubber that serves its purposes if you as a wearer are allergic to latex rubber. Since this is purely synthetic, it does not contain any latex or latex protein that would cause an allergic reaction to those people who are sensitive to it, making it popular for the older adult because of its hypoallergenic feature. Aside from that, nitrile gloves are more robust than the latex glove because, unlike natural rubber, this is more resistant to oils and acids. 

Just like latex gloves, a nitrile glove is lightweight in nature and has a stretchy hand covering that would protect the user from any direct contact with anything that they have touched. This protects people like healthcare providers from acquiring any certain diseases or viral infections related to direct contact of secretions, blood, or any bodily fluids. 

Formidica Nitrile Glove

There are a lot of variations in terms of the production of gloves. All of these material has one goal, and that is to protect the wearer from the direct constant to any harmful infectious disease, chemicals and the like. However, the degree of protection may vary from the materials used. A formidica nitrile glove provides superior protection to the wearer as it is excellent in providing a biological barrier that makes it more robust.

This type of nitrile glove was also created to become thicker than the usual nitrile glove and is designed to be more resistant gloves, perfect for those who are very conscious in terms of the protection their gloves provide. This formidica nitrile glove is purely micro-textured for superior manual dexterity. It is designed to be more convenient in terms of usage as it is easier to put this type of nitrile glove on, and it only adjusts perfectly to the wearer’s skin.

Since these are designed to be thicker and more resistant, the formidica nitrile glove can be used almost in anything and anywhere. You can use this in any working environment and even while doing household chores. Formidica Nitrile gloves are superior in their resistance. They are protein-free rubber, latex-free, and powder-free, making it a perfect glove for sensitive skins because it does not create any allergic reactions. With all its positive advantages, one of the most critical features of the formidica nitrile glove that consumers should remember is its superiority among the other nitrile gloves available in the market. 

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