Free Sample Anti-Fog Wipe 1pc


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Clearer Vision, Clearer World

Solve your issues with eye glasses fog up, face shield fog up, face masks fog up, helmet fog up, car windshield fog up,

Convenient size and ease of application makes this the ideal product for face shields, goggles and protective eyewear.


  • Motorcycle Face Shields

  • Protective Goggles

  • SCBA Face Masks

  • Arc Flash Shields

  • Safety Glasses

  • Dive Masks

  • Hockey Shields


  • Easy to Use,  just apply and let dry…It’s that easy!

  • Safe on all Surfaces

  • Contains NO Silicone, Alcohol or Petroleum Distillates!


  • 6” x 4” Pre Moistened Wipe

  • No Spill Package

  • Long Shelve Life

  • Made in the USA

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Free Sample Anti-Fog Wipe 1pc