Where to Buy Dust Masks?

Where to Buy Dust Masks_

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that face coverings should never be underrated. From surgical masks, through dust masks to full-on respirators, it is clear that we all need to be careful about what we are inhaling. It is especially important that we are aware of this, given the fact that we only become aware of most irritants or dangerous molecules we inhale after the fact—given their often-microscopic size.

Dust masks are, of course, masks to prevent users from inhaling all types of dust—be it everyday dust, sawdust, or any other small particles. Most construction specialists or DIY enthusiasts will be well acquainted with the importance of a dust mask—but for those who are not, now is the time to acknowledge the phenomenal significance of personal PPE such as dust masks. 

The primary reason dust masks are so necessary for construction operations and DIY, among other tasks, is that dust and other fine particles can lodge themselves in the nose, throat, or lungs, which can quickly contribute to breathing difficulties and respiratory issues. Furthermore, inhaling ultrafine particles from combustion sources, like vehicles, has been shown to correlate with cardiovascular health impacts.

In short, we should not be inhaling invasive particles due to a range of related concerns. 

Therefore, the next question is, where to buy Dust mask Canada

How to Choose a Quality Dust Mask?

Before looking at many products, it is valuable to understand what makes a good dust mask. Here, there are three key considerations.

  1. The intensity of protection is required.

Different environments require different levels of protection. Of course, working with hazardous airborne particles such as asbestos will need the most extreme security, while home DIY projects may require low protection levels.

By taking into account the type of airborne hazards, the intensity of the hazard, and the ventilation/space the hazard are being encountered, you should get a reasonable idea of the level of protection you require. However, when in doubt, always go for higher protection as it is far better to be overprotected than under.

That said, always ensure that you are assessing risk adequately and providing yourself with enough baseline protection. 

The bottom line is that for any activities that incur dust or other airborne particles, one should consider a dust mask or more extensive safety equipment.

  1. The type of particles to be protected against

As mentioned above, it is worth considering using a mask for any work which will incur airborne particles, but certain particle types will require more excellent protection.

Different facial masks, from surgical masks to respirators, all provide active protection against different particles’ grades. For example, a surgical mask may effectively prevent nasal or oral particles from passing from the user to others. NIOSH-certified N95 masks will protect the user from airborne particles.

Dust masks, of course, provide specialist protection for construction or DIY-related endeavors, while filtered respirators will provide more comprehensive protection.

  1. The fit

This is both a consideration for user comfort and protection—both being incredibly important factors.

Often, when purchasing dust masks, you will be able to try a sample mask to measure the mask’s level of comfort—making sure you can get the correct fit for your face. That said, dust masks are near-universal and should provide the vast majority of users with a comfortable experience.

Beyond this, protection is, of course, dependent on the mask, creating a tight fit as not to let stray particles enter the mask. In such a way, it is essential to familiarise yourself with how to properly, effectively fit a dust mask to your face. This will ensure that you are using your mask to its full potential.

Where to Buy Dust Masks in Canada.

Given the widespread necessity for dust masks, you have a wide range of options for purchasing dust masks either for you as an individual or for your business/firm. 

Many less experienced individuals may turn their attention to general online retailers’ offerings—such as Amazon. However, we would suggest that you do not use such generalized retailers, given the often-bewildering amount of consumer choice and unclear keywording provided on such sites. 

Instead, we would suggest going directly to a mask or construction specialist to get the best quality masks with ease.

  1. CanGardCare

CanGardCare is an industry-leading provider of PPE in Canada. CanGardCare provides high-quality PPE for medical professionals, individuals, and, you guessed it, construction specialists.

CanGardCare’s range of dust masks all provides industry-grade KN95 protection from airborne particles, with a variety of different features to choose from. This includes standard, value-friendly, plain dust masks alongside more extensive masks with activated carbon and valved breathing apparatus.

CanGardCare offers some of the best dust masks in Canada, making them a great suppler choice—they even provide free samples to boot!

Oh, Canada SupplyAs a trusted provider of a range of DIY and construction equipment, Oh Canada Supply stock an impressive variety of dust masks ranging from incredibly affordable basic dust masks up to fume-regulating respirators.

As they stock a variety of masks from various providers, they are an excellent choice if you are looking for specific, specialized dust masks.

  1. Uline

Uline supplies a wide variety of masks and respirators for both personal and industrial use, alongside their catalog of shipping, industrial and packaging materials.

They offer their own-brand masks alongside 3M and Moldex respirators, making their range extensive and well worth noting.

  1. Home Depot

Home Depot is a brand almost everyone in North America will be familiar with. Thus, it comes without surprise that their range of dust masks and respirators is one that can be trusted.

They provide many industry-leading dust mask brands, meaning you have a wide range of products differing in price and protection levels.

  1. Grainger

As Canada’s largest distributor of maintenance, repair, and operation supplies, Grainger are seasoned professionals when it comes to construction, DIY, and—most importantly—personal protective equipment.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that they offer an extensive range of reusable and single-use dust masks and respirators. Their catalog may be one of the most comprehensive on this list, but given their focus on large-scale construction, their range of choices (many of which are multi-sale masks) may not be ideal for individuals or small teams undergoing DIY projects.

Now, equipped with the knowledge of why, how, and where to acquire your perfect dust mask, go out and get protected—trust us, your body will thank you later!