Wholesale First Aid Supplies

Every workplace needs first aid supplies that will help staff handle the specific injuries that they are most at risk for in the environment. Your first-aid supplies may need to be highly specialized to handle unique risks, like exposure to cold, burns and chemicals. Or, you may have a typical office or warehouse environment that deals with typical kinds of injuries, scrapes, sprains, breaks, and other injuries.Either way, CanGard has the high-quality first aid supplies that you need to meet safety regulations, and provide first aid to staff, clients and guests. We have emergency medical kits with everything that you need in them, or you can buy individual products in bulk to get the specific first aid supplies that you need.

Where are First Aid Supplies Needed?

No matter your industry or workplace, you need basic first aid supplies to meet health and safety regulations and to take care of your most valuable asset: your people. Your specific needs will depend on your risk level, the kinds of risks you face, and the number of employees that you have on-site at any one time.For example, small office environments with three or four people, who do not face any unusual risks, may only need one of our emergency medical kits that are 10-units or 24-units. These units meet basic provincial regulations and contain bandages, gauze, gloves, scissors, an emergency blanket, medical tape and more. As you use the supplies in the kit, you can purchase a refill kit to resupply it, you don’t need to purchase the whole kit again.However, in workplaces where you face unique safety risks that may cause injuries these kits can’t treat, you may need a specialized emergency kit.We also have medical kits for contractors and others who may be travelling throughout the day. These kits can go along with staff in their truck, and they meet or exceed the minimum standards for OHSA’s Type A kit content list.

Different Types of First Aid Supplies

Beyond our kits, we also carry quality individual first aid supplies you may need to supplement them:

  • Bandages and dressings: These gauze bandages and other dressings are meant to treat scrapes, cuts, blisters and other injuries.
  • Burn relief: For workplaces where burns are a concern, such as for welders, burn relief treatments can relieve pain and protect the burn from contaminants and possible infection. We also carry burn sheets that can be wrapped around burn victims to protect them.
  • Hot/cold therapies: Many different injuries can be relieved with hot and cold pads. Muscle pulls, swollen limbs and other injuries can be treated with our cold compresses and reusable hot pads.
  • Splints: We have wire, wooden and aluminum splints to provide support to breaks and other injuries.
  • First aid blankets: Emergency blankets can provide warmth and even psychological comfort after an injury.
  • First aid guide: Always have first aid information on hand with this pocket guide. Even though employees should be trained in first aid, having a reference is important.

Buying Wholesale First Aid Supplies

CanGard offers bulk first aid supplies in Canada. Reach out today to discuss your needs.