What Are the Different Types of Syringe Tips?

Syringe sitting on top of vial - What are the different types of syringe tips?

Medical syringe tips come in four common styles: luer lock, slip tip, catheter tip, and eccentric tip. Additionally, needles come in various gauges (thicknesses) and lengths for multiple applications. Understanding the differences between these types can help ensure the safe and effective use of these medical devices.  4 Main Syringe Tip Styles   The four […]

What Is The Difference Between A 2-Part And 3-Part Syringe?

Person receiveing vaccine - What is the difference between a 2-part and 3-part syringe?

When it comes to disposable syringes, there are two main types to choose from: 2-part and 3-part syringes. The critical differences between the two are the construction and functionality. Learn more about each type below.   3-Part Syringes   A 3-part syringe includes a barrel, plunger and rubber gasket at the tip of the plunger to […]

What are Syringe Filters Used For?

Syringe filter in use

Syringe filters are small, disposable filters that are used to remove particulates from liquids and gases in a variety of medical applications. They are commonly used in the preparation of samples for ion chromatography, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), and mass spectrometry.  Different Materials, Types, and Uses of Syringe Filters  Syringe filters are available in a […]

Understanding Syringes: Your Questions Answered

Syringe and needle in vial

Syringes are an essential tool in the medical field, used for administering medications, drawing fluids, and injecting substances into the body. There are several different types of syringes, each with unique features and designed for specific purposes. Understanding the different parts of a syringe and how to sterilize and use them properly is crucial for […]

How to Properly Use a Syringe (With Steps)

Medical professional filling a syringe

Syringes have a wide range of applications and are used in research labs, doctors’ offices, pharmacies, hospitals, dental clinics, veterinary facilities and more. Today we’re going to teach you the proper steps to follow when using a syringe. What Are Syringes Used For? Syringes are small hollow tubes (with or without a needle) used for […]

Product Spotlight: Aurelia Gloves

Female dentist putting on gloves

Since the turn of the millennium, Aurelia Gloves have become the most trusted medical and industrial glove provider in North America. The comfort, safety, and quality of their products are unparalleled in the market because of their ability to source directly from their own manufacturing facilities. This helps guarantee consistency and superior value while at […]

A Complete Guide to Vacutainer© Tubes

Vacutainer© tubes are test tubes and related accessories designed to collect substances for medical purposes. If you’re interested in purchasing Vacutainer© tubes, you may need a guide to help you tell the different types apart and determine which is best for your specific purposes. In this guide, we’ll explain what you need to know.  What […]

A Complete Guide on the Proper Use of Hearing Protection

Hearing protection - CanGard

Even mild damage to your hearing can significantly impact your life. When you’re exposed to loud sounds repeatedly in any workplace or at home, you should wear hearing protection. Anything from some time at a concert to working on a construction site requires hearing protection. Wearing ear protection appropriately is also critical for getting the […]

All You Need to Know About Reusable Respirators & When to Use Them

Male builder on site wearing a respirator

ARTICLE UPDATED 2023-04-26   Reusable respirators are a convenient and necessary way to protect your lungs in many environments, from industrial workplaces to medical settings. They have mask components that seal around the user’s face, including above the nose. They then use replaceable filters to clean the air. This means that while the mask component […]

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