What is Equivalent to N95?

What is Equivalent to N95?

Personal Protective Equipment  Personal Protective Equipment or PPE is worn to minimize exposure to hazardous materials or chemicals that can cause work-related injuries or illness. To ensure their employee’s overall safety, the employer must conduct a hazard assessment to determine the correct type of PPE to be used – depending on how hazardous the workplace […]

What Sizes Do N95 Masks Come In?

Sizes of N95 Masks

Different Types of Filtering Facepiece The need to have personal protective equipment demands the people to buy necessary things to protect themselves from the threat of the Covid19 pandemic. At this time now, wearing facemasks is a necessity. One cannot wander around their vicinity without using any face masks at all. Because of the demand […]

How Do You Check if N95 Mask is Real?

How Do You Check if N95 Mask is Real?

N95 Mask and its Benefits With the rampant cases of the Covid19 pandemic nowadays, everyone should have their personal protective equipment. One of the essential personal protective equipment required for the masses is masks that are now very in demand in the market. Because of its demand, different types of masks are now readily available […]

Is N95 Mask Co Legitimate?

Is N95 Mask Co Legitimate?

The Legitimacy of N95 Respirator Many companies produce N95 Mask Respirators, one of which is the 3M Company. 3M company, also known as Minnesota, Mining, and Manufacturing Company, diversified American corporation manufacturing. They produce a varied range of products, including abrasives, adhesive tape, and some related products. The 3M company consists of different stockholders that […]

What are 10 Types of Protective Equipment (PPE)?

10 Types of Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a term that refers to a group of gear designed specifically to keep the user from specific environmental hazards. It is frequently heard nowadays in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Different types of personal protective equipment serve different functions. On the basis of protection provided, PPE can be […]

What are Examples of Personal Protective Equipment Products?

Examples of Personal Protective Equipment Products

When you think of personal protective equipment, you probably think of the basics- face mask, gloves, safety goggles.  But there are many different types of personal protective equipment that may be necessary for different situations.  The personal protective equipment worn by a medical doctor is different from a construction worker’s equipment.  Regardless of what you’re […]

What Personal Protective Equipment is Required When Working with Propane?

PPE used to work with propane

Propane is a very widely used gas that finds its primary uses in heating and cooking. Whether in agriculture, industry, business, or the home, it is vital to ensure that you are safely protected when working with propane. Common Interactions with Propane The uses of propane are manifold. Chicken farmers use propane to keep chicks […]

What Type of Jobs Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

Type of Jobs that Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

There’s a common misconception that personal protective equipment is only required for jobs that require heavy labor, such as construction or logging. While those industries certainly require PPE, the need for protective equipment extends far beyond these fields. Here are some other jobs that require personal protective equipment: Food Service  Personal protective equipment is essential […]