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Wholesale Dental Supplies in Canada

Your clients and staff rely on you to provide a healthy and safe environment in your dental office. Fortunately, CanGard is one of the most affordable and trusted dental equipment suppliers in Canada. We offer the dental PPE you need for your office at wholesale prices. You can rely on our high-quality dental supplies to provide adequate protection whether you’re whitening teeth, completing a simple cleaning, or even doing complex surgical work.

Dental Supplies Wholesale

We carry a wide range of bulk dental PPE in Canada so that you can get everything you need for you and your staff to feel comfortable at work. High-quality equipment is not just about providing the level of protection that you expect, but also about being comfortable so that you can work in them for longer. Having comfortable dental PPE will help encourage staff to use them properly, increasing safety and compliance with local health regulations.

  • Dental bibs: Dental bibs are important to protect patients and other surfaces from fluids during dental exams and procedures. Our quality bibs have a thick layer of cellulose with a specialized bonding technique to adhere it to the tissue layers.
  • N95 masks: N95 masks are intended to protect you from the aerosols that dental procedures create
  • Dental head caps: Head caps, such as pleated bouffant caps, are important for dental and surgical environments. They keep hair contained so that they cannot contaminate the surgical field. They might also be called scrub caps and dental head caps
  • Dental equipment: As well as disposable supplies, CanGard offers some dental equipment that can help you provide top-quality dental services. For example, we carry ultra-portable and high-quality teeth whitening lights to enable you to perform teeth whitening procedures

The Importance of PPE in Dental Settings

When you work in a dental office, you are among the first points of contact for respiratory viruses and other contagious illnesses. You need quality, comfortable, PPE in order to protect yourself and your clients from the inherent risks of the dental environment. Dental work often aerosolizes whatever is in a patient’s mouth. Controlling this process and reducing risks for staff and other patients from it is essential in any dental office. Otherwise, your office may be a source of transmission.

There is also dental PPE for surgical scenarios, where the patient is at higher risk of infection and must be protected from any potential sources of contaminants in the environment.

The Advantages of Buying Bulk

CanGard offers dental supplies in bulk, which can be of great benefit to you and your dental practice. You’ll have your supplies in stock for longer, saving you some stress of wondering if you’re going to run out. You’ll end up placing orders less often, which saves time and makes cash flow more predictable for your business. Also, when you buy in bulk you get significant savings over buying smaller packages of those same dental supplies.

Headquartered in the GTA, CanGard proudly serves Toronto, Burlington & Mississauga with quality PPE. Contact us today to equip your clinic with CanGard dental supplies.

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