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full ppe nitrile gloves in Canada
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Dental Supploies for Sale Canada

Personal Protective Equipment in Canada

Every workplace needs Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or first aid supplies to keep staff safe, meet health and safety regulations and protect the business from risks. You can find PPE in Canada from CanGard. We retail and wholesale PPE from small to large quantity, for personal or corporate needs. We have a wide selection of PPE and first aid supplies from the best manufacturers. You can find the supplies you need for a wide range of industries, including health care, industrial and construction.

Nitrile & Vinyl Gloves


Many industries, from food handling to medicine, need nitrile and vinyl gloves to reduce risk. Find vinyl gloves for affordability and nitrile gloves for high-risk environments here.



We have the N95 respirators you need to protect staff in healthcare, manufacturing, and industrial settings. You can also find quality N95 masks for home use. We offer these in bulk.

Respiratory Protection


Breathing in safely might be the most important need your staff have in your facility. Get respiratory protection to ensure safety even in emergencies and in high-risk areas.



Choose bulk dental supplies, from dental bibs, gloves, and masks, and ensure that your office will always have the supplies you need.



From basic first aid kits to specific first aid supplies that help you handle more unique health and safety threats, CanGard has it all. Offices, warehouses, and other facilities can all find what they need.

Safety Gloves


We also carry other kinds of safety gloves that are better suited for contractors, construction, and heavy-duty use. We sell these gloves in bulk as well.

Body Protection


In medicine, construction, manufacturing and other industries, you may have a need to protect your whole body. Whether you’re dealing with infectious disease, sparks and heat from welding, potential exposure to chemicals, or some other risk, we have the full-body protection you need.

Hearing Protection


Hearing protection may be necessary for many environments, from manufacturing plants to waste management plants. Protect your staff’s hearing with our hearing protection products. They are available in bulk for savings and consistency.

Get PPE in Canada

If you’re looking for where to buy PPE in Canada, you’ve found it. CanGard is your supplier of all the PPE you need for your workplace and everyday life. We offer high-quality options from some of the best manufacturers. Keep you and your staff safe with PPE from us. Contact us or place
your order today.

About US

At Can Gard Care, we commit to provide high quality personal protective equipment at affordable prices.


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