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Types of Gloves

Not all gloves are made equal. At CanGard, we offer a wide selection of gloves from some of the best manufacturers, such as Durasafe, Intco, Medline, McKesson, Ansell, SYSCO and more. Our wide range of gloves ensures that you can find the right quality and price point for your specific needs.

The basic distinction is between nitrile and vinyl gloves. Each kind has its own benefits and disadvantages. Nitrile gloves are highly flexible, comfortable gloves often used in healthcare settings. They have a dozen benefits, from high touch sensitivity to chemical resistance, durability, long-lasting and long-wearing. Nitrile gloves are free of latex and don’t have powder, which makes them safe for those with latex allergies and sensitive skin.

Vinyl gloves are a more affordable option for scenarios where you need less puncture resistance, less flexibility, or less risky applications. Food handling, assembly line and cleaning jobs will often require vinyl gloves. They are also latex-free and therefore suitable for those with latex allergies and other sensitive skin. These gloves are anti-static and fine to wear for the short term even for those with allergies. While some people are allergic to vinyl it is very rare.

CanGard offers more than just plain nitrile and vinyl gloves. Our selection includes:

  • Medical PPE gloves
  • PPE vinyl gloves
  • Black nitrile gloves
  • Heavy-duty nitrile gloves
  • Exam gloves
  • Food grade gloves
  • Other heavy-duty gloves
  • Other medical gloves

We have many gloves that are suitable for business use, but also sell gloves to individuals. If you need gloves for your hobby, work in the garage, for use with your first aid kit, or for some other purpose, you can find boxes of gloves at Cangard.

Which Industries Need Gloves?

In any industry where sanitation is a large concern, or where you may be handling potentially dangerous products or substances, gloves are critical. Industries that commonly require gloves include medicine, food, manufacturing, waste management, chemical handling and more.

Buying Gloves in Bulk

We offer all of the gloves that we carry in bulk. By buying bulk you do more than just save money. You’ll reduce how often you need to make glove orders, saving your staff time. You’ll also get some peace of mind that your glove supply is strong and you could handle sudden influxes in use.

You can find the vinyl or nitrile gloves you need in Canada from CanGard. Contact us or place your order today.

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