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N95 Respirators and Masks

N95 is the standard for quality when it comes to personal protective equipment to safeguard against airborne particles. Whether you’re an individual looking for N95 masks for personal use, or a large company that needs bulk N95s to protect staff in healthcare, manufacturing or other industries, you can find the reliable, high-quality N95 respirators you need at CanGard.


What are N95 Masks?

N95 masks or N95 respirators are different than loose-fitting surgical style masks in that they can block very small particles much more efficiently. N95s block at least 95% of airborne particles, which is where the name comes from. In order to achieve this level of protection, the mask has to fit the face tightly. Respirators should actually seal, to prevent the concerning particles from accessing the person by the side of the mask.

If you are investing in N95s for your workplace you may also want additional controls to further reduce the risk of particle contamination. You will also want to ensure that an N95 mask is capable of blocking out the specific particles that you’re concerned about.

Not only are there different brands and kinds of N95 masks, but there are also different shapes that may be better suited to your environment, contaminant concerns, or the comfort of your staff. We carry the following shapes:

The models with valves are meant to reduce heat build-up and make the mask more comfortable for long-term wear. However, these are not suitable for all conditions. Speak to CanGard to assess which N95 mask is best suited for your purposes.

Brands and Types of N95 Masks

We offer N95 masks from several main manufacturers: 3M, Dasheng, Harley, Makrite. These manufacturers offer both medical and industrial-grade N95s.

From 3M, a renowned manufacturer of all kinds of useful construction and industrial products, we have a huge selection of N95s to fit specific purposes:

  • 3M 8210
  • 3M 9210+
  • 3M 8110s
  • 3M 1860
  • 3M 1860s
  • 3M 1870+
  • 3M 1804
  • 3M 1804s
  • 3M 9205+
  • 3M 9105
  • 3M 9105s
  • 3M 8511
  • 3M 9010
From Dasheng we have:
  • Dasheng DTC3W
  • Dasheng DTC3Z
  • Dasheng DTC3B

We have the Makrite Sekura and Makrite 9500. We also have the Harley L188, Harley L288 and BYD N95.

Reusable Respirators & Masks

At CanGard, we also carry reusable respirators and masks that may fit your needs. Such as, reusable respirators including filters that are qualified as N95, N99, N100, R95, R99, P95, P100 and many more. We also carry reusable half face respirators.

Whatever your respirator and mask needs, CanGard carries the products you need. Contact our team to learn more about our other mask options and which mask is best for your needs.

Serving Your Industry

Whether you work in a hospital, dental office, manufacturing plant, or any other industries where you need protection from tiny particles in the air, CanGard has the quality wholesale solutions you need.

We sell N95s in bulk, which makes the product more cost-effective for you, and makes it easier to keep the single-use, disposable masks in stock.

N95 masks are typically not resistant to oil-based products, but they are useful in environments where other liquids and airborne particles are a concern. Reach out to CanGard today to discuss if N95 respirators suit your purposes or if you need another PPE solution.

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