Prioritizing Safety in Tattooing: Why You Need Medical-Grade Sanitizers

Tattoo artist starting to work on an arm - Prioritizing Safety in Tattooing: Why You Need Medical-Grade Sanitizers

Tattooing is where artistry meets skin, and it demands safety and hygiene above all else. The use of medical-grade sanitizers is not just best practice; it’s a necessity for every tattoo parlour aiming to protect their clients and artists alike. Here’s what you should know about medical-grade sanitizers for tattooing. 

Why Medical-Grade Sanitizers? 

Medical-grade sanitizers are formulated to eliminate germs and pathogens effectively, ensuring a sterile environment that’s crucial in any setting where the skin’s barrier is compromised. In tattooing, the artist’s needle breaks through the skin, introducing a risk of infection if strict sanitation standards are not maintained. Medical-grade sanitizers are designed to be tough on bacteria and viruses yet safe for use on various surfaces, including workstations, chairs, and tattoo equipment. 

How To Sanitize Effectively 

  1. Preparation: Before any tattoo session begins, surfaces and tools must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Sanitizers can be used to wipe down chairs, tables, and non-disposable equipment, setting the stage for a safe tattooing experience. 
  2. During the Tattoo: Artists should sanitize their hands frequently, especially when changing gloves or handling different equipment. A quick spray and wipe of non-disposable tools with sanitizers can minimize the risk of cross-contamination. 
  3. Aftercare: Once the tattoo is complete, the area should be cleaned with a gentle yet effective medical-grade sanitizer to prevent infection during the initial healing phase. Artists can also recommend safe aftercare products and soaps to clients, ensuring continued protection against bacteria and viruses. 

The Benefits Are Clear: 

By integrating medical-grade sanitizers into every step of the tattooing process, parlours can significantly reduce the risk of infections, offering peace of mind to both artists and clients. These products help maintain a professional and trustworthy establishment committed to the highest standards of safety and hygiene. 

Your Safety, Our Priority 

Don’t compromise on safety. Visit CanGard Medical and Safety Supplies today to explore our selection of medical-grade sanitizers and cleaning products today!  

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