6 Essential Dental Office Cleaning Supplies

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Today more than ever, dental offices must take every precaution to present a clean, hygienic clinic to their patients. While you have all the protocols in place to keep your clinical area sanitary, your office area needs just as much attention thanks to pandemic best practice guidelines. Here we list the six essential dental office cleaning supplies you need to keep on hand. 

1. Hand Sanitizer Dispensers at Entry 

Your clinic should be equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers at your entry to ensure every patient follows handwashing protocols. Your dental office manager’s daily checklist for cleaning should start with hand sanitizer refills as your best first defence against germs to keep your office as sanitary as possible and safe for visitors. 

2. Dental Disinfectant Spray for Restrooms 

Your dental office cleaning protocol should include a checklist with all cleaning and sanitary supplies required including specific items for your bathrooms. These dental cleaning supplies include disinfectant spray for dental clinics as well as dental sterilization wipes to frequently wipe down surfaces including the sink, taps, toilet, hand dryers and door handles. 

3. Microfiber Duster for Work Spaces 

All equipment used by office staff, as well as all shared surfaces in work areas, must be disinfected frequently. This includes regular dusting of equipment and surfaces to avoid contamination. Using feather dusters can kick dust up into the room and spread it around.  

Your workspace dental office cleaning supplies should therefore also include dampened soft clothes or a microfiber duster for dusting in hand with your disinfecting wipes for a final sweep of surfaces and equipment. 

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4. Dental Sterilization Wipes for Frequently Touched Surfaces 

Dental office cleaning must include surface disinfection in dentistry waiting room areas. All surfaces frequently touched by patients such as your reception desk, ATM for payments, chairs, etc., must be wiped down after each use. Dental office disinfectants such as dental disinfectant wipes are the convenient solution as office staff can keep them handy to wipe down surfaces after each patient interaction. 

5. HEPA-Filter Vacuum and Disinfectant Cleaner for Floors 

A HEPA-filter vacuum is recommended as the first step to cleaning floors. Floors can then be cleaned with a wet mop and bucket using cleaners with a drug identification number that is an acceptable cleaning solution to kill germs and viruses. 

6. Designated Mop and Bucket for Office Area 

Disinfectants used in the dental office are required to be used to reduce the risk of the spread of germs and viruses. Therefore, never use the same mop and bucket for the clinical and office areas. A separate bucket and mop must be designated for the waiting room and office area to reduce the risk of spreading viruses through droplets. 

To make sure you keep up with these six essential dental cleaning supplies, create a supplies list for employees. Have one person responsible for ordering and restocking cleaning supplies so that you never run low on essentials. The last thing you want is to find you’ve run out of dental cleaning wipes with a full schedule. A dental office manager’s daily checklist of supplies will ensure your office cleaning procedure remains compliant with dental office disinfection protocols. 

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