Are Makrite N95 Masks Good?

Are Makrite N95 Good Mask?

In today’s world, safeguarding our health has become paramount, especially in public spaces where the risk of airborne diseases is high. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) strongly advocates for the use of face masks as a crucial defence against viruses and other airborne pathogens. Among the most effective in this category is the N95 mask, particularly the Makrite N95 variant, renowned for its superior fit and filtration capabilities.

N95 Mask

An N95 mask is a type of personal protective equipment that protects the wearer from airborne particles that are potentially harmful to the body. If worn correctly, this can be enough to protect the wearer from the virus or any airborne diseases with a combination of proper handwashing and hygiene. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that it should be a must to wear face masks when in public places, events, gatherings, or anywhere where you will have a tendency to interact with other people.

An N95 mask is designed to have a very close fit and is very efficient in terms of filtering out airborne particles. The edge of the N95 should form a seal around the nose and mouth which gives off the tight fit on the user’s face. The tight fit feature of the N95 is to ensure that leaking will be prevented as much as possible.

Makrite Sekura N95 Canada

A Makrite Sekura N95 Canada is a NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) approved and comes in several models. These masks are good because they are intended to be used for protection against solid particles, such as those from minerals, coals, airborne particles, and many others.

Aside from being NIOSH-approved, Sekura N95 particulate respirator masks are efficient for bacterial and particle filtration. What makes these masks good is that it is non-woven, provide custom and close facial fit, are lightweight, and have an adjustable nose clip. This is indeed one of the best respirators you can have if you are looking for a comfortable type of face respirator, but it can still give the kind of protection you need against infectious diseases.

Benefits of Wearing an N95

It is undeniable that N95 masks are among the most essential pieces of equipment that are now required for the masses to wear, especially now that COVID-19 is happening. N95 masks have two purposes as to why people should wear them. The two main reasons are: 

  1. Wearing a mask in the public area is used to protect other people you interact with. 
  2. Wearing a mask is vital in the prevention of the spread of any contagious diseases.

The materials used to make Makrite N95 masks are very important. N95 masks use two components: a particulate filter and an airflow-encompassing liner. The filter used in an N95 mask is made up of activated carbon, charcoal, polycarbonate, and other materials. These materials are very effective in reducing dust and chemical emissions from combustion processes and power plants.

Additional Benefits of a Makrite N95 Mask

The Makrite N95 mask also has a porous surface, with this kind of surface, it allows a small amount of fresh air to pass through it but still provides the protection that is needed by the user. Another good thing about an N95 mask is that some of these masks are available in the market and are fitted with positive air pressure. Positive air pressure helps prevent the occurrence of any asthma attacks during and after exposure to infectious aerosols. Since wearing a mask triggers an asthma attack to some extent, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that a mask should maintain a positive pressure of at least eight PSI against airborne particles to reduce the risk of the occurrence of an asthma attack.

N95 masks would also benefit healthcare workers, especially since they are mostly exposed to serious risks of airborne pathogens. The wearing of the N95 mask in their workplace would significantly contribute to the well-being of these healthcare workers. 

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Article Updated 2024-01-23.

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