How Much Does the KN95 Mask Cost?

How Much Does the KN95 Mask Cost_

This year, in 2020, face masks have slowly become the new normal due to the recent and ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Face masks themselves are required in most areas in Canada, in public when shopping, and in tight indoor spaces where social distancing is not an option. 

It’sIt’s not just Canadian residents wearing face masks either; it’s the majority of the world, to help save lives and protect their nation’s respective healthcare systems and most vulnerable people, including the elderly generation. Since the new rules regarding face masks were first announced, many people have struggled to find the most effective mask, which provides the most excellent protection against the virus. 

Most people wear the standard mask or a home-made one, perhaps from a piece of cloth or an old t-shirt or another clothing item. But these aren’t as effective as you might think, which will be discussed in this article. 

This blog post will discuss the kn95 mask, how much it costs, and where you can purchase one of these masks for yourself. 


When looking for a facemask, the cost is arguably the most important factor, alongside the effectiveness, of course. Kn95 masks vary in price, but the ones we supply fall under the $35 CAD price bracket.

Unlike cheaper masks, the kn95 facemask is initially intended as a dust mask. For this reason, it contains advanced technology that keeps germs and bacteria out. The advanced protection is crucial to its success during a pandemic and a little more robust than other designs. 

Although the kn95 costs more than other masks, it does provide more excellent protection than your standard piece of cloth or cheap alternative facemask (e.g., an old piece of cloth or handmade face covering). 

What is The KN95 Facemask?

Kn95 is the facemask performance rating falling under the Chinese standard, of which standards are similar to the European PPE guidelines. Kn95 masks are identical to N95 masks; however, not quite as effective. This is represented in the price difference, with N95 masks coming in at a slightly steeper price.

Towards the start of the pandemic, and even now, N95 facemasks are virtually sold out across many different shops, including e-commerce websites. Therefore, KN95 facemasks are a suitable replacement, protecting users from harmful germs and bacteria responsible for the coronavirus.

Kn95 masks are set to be an effective option apart from when used in a healthcare setting, as other facemask alternatives are better suited to this. 

What are the Benefits of Wearing a Facemask?

Face coverings, including facemasks, help reduce the virus’s spread, protecting one another from the horrible disease. In particular, facemasks are most effective for those who have the virus but show no symptoms (these people are asymptomatic). Unlike those who show symptoms, if you are asymptomatic, it can be challenging to determine whether you have the virus and can still spread it to others.

For the record, those who have the virus should wear facemasks if around others. However, should self-isolate until symptoms are gone (this is usually 14 days). 

Furthermore, the kn95 masks, particularly as aforementioned, are more effective at containing and reducing the spread of the virus than standard non-medical facemasks.

What’s the Difference Between N95 and KN95 Masks?

Both masks have similar names and are often regarded as the go-to choice for protecting yourself and others from the spread of the virus. So, how are these masks different?

The N95 and the kn95 are very similar, capable of blocking particles (up to 95% particle blocking). Similarly, both of these masks are widely used and highly regarded, but the main difference is how they are certified. 

Although the N95 and kn95 masks are certified in different countries and under different regulations, they perform the same role. They are more or less equally effective at keeping the virus at bay and preventing the spread of airborne particles that may contain the virus.

To reduce the spread, people showing symptoms should wear a practical face covering, such as the kn95. 

KN95 Mask for Sale 

For those uncertain about the best facemasks or unsure of the effectiveness of the kn95, you can order a free sample to try this for yourself. 

Key features of the Kn95 include:

● Three-layer protection

● Kn95 standard (n95 equivalent) 

● Adjustable metal noseband 

● Hardshell style

● Latex-free design

● The high-quality elastic double head strap

The three-layer protection is unrivaled in its protective capabilities against bacteria, germs, and the coronavirus, similar to the popular N95 facemask design. Similarly, the adjustable metal noseband and double head strap ensure optimal comfort, adjusted for each user to guarantee a secure, safe, and comfortable fit. 

Furthermore, the latex-free design makes the mask more accessible to all, allowing more people to benefit from the unrivaled design of the kn95.

You can get your own kn95 mask for sale at CanGardCare. 

The Bottom Line 

Facemasks are the new normal, an essential piece of cloth we now subconsciously pick up alongside our wallet, purse, and keys. In some places, you can’t go in without a mask, so it is essential.

The use of facemasks is proven to effectively reduce the spread of the virus, especially when social distancing is also implemented. However, regular cloth or surgical masks do not provide the best protection against Covid-19. Instead, masks such as the kn95 are more effective. 

The kn95 facemask is excellent at reducing the virus’s spread and keeping harmful bacteria and germs at bay. Although not as highly regarded as the N95, the kn95 is effective and widely used in Canada and other countries to fight the virus.
Finally, as aforementioned, if you would like to view our full range of kn95 mask price list, it’s available for $35 each.