Product Spotlight: Aurelia Gloves

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Since the turn of the millennium, Aurelia Gloves have become the most trusted medical and industrial glove provider in North America. The comfort, safety, and quality of their products are unparalleled in the market because of their ability to source directly from their own manufacturing facilities. This helps guarantee consistency and superior value while at the same time keeping their gloves affordable. 

Aurelia Gloves are used across Canada in a number of industries. Most notably: 

  • Dentistry 
  • Medicine 
  • Industrial  
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) 

Keep reading to learn more about the materials they use in their gloves, how they differ and which ones might be most suitable for your specific field. 

Latex vs. Nitrile 

Aurelia Gloves are made primarily of either latex or nitrile, both coming in a variety of different products tailored to different uses and environments. The differences between the materials are as follows: 

Latex is a natural rubber that tends to feel more comfortable. This is due to its incredible elasticity and flexibility, which helps gloves mould around the contours of your hand. The naturally waterproof composition of these gloves makes them highly resistant to biological hazards such as bodily fluids, viruses, and bacteria. 

Nitrile is a synthetic, or ‘man-made’, rubber that makes a stronger and more durable glove than its latex counterparts. Nitrile gloves are highly resistant to punctures, chemicals, and solvents, as well as pathogens and other biological hazards. Advances in manufacturing have made nitrile gloves more flexible and adaptable to industries that require more dexterity. 

There are pros and cons to each of these materials. Latex gloves are less expensive but more vulnerable to punctures and tears and may be an allergen. Nitrile is more robust but has a higher initial cost. Luckily, Aurelia Gloves manufactures top-quality latex AND nitrile gloves to offer choice and convenience to their customers. 

Don’t know which gloves would be best for your situation? Contact the experts at CanGard and we would be happy to help!

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Medical Gloves 

In anything from operating rooms and ambulances to optometry and dental offices, Aurelia Gloves are highly sought after in all facets of the medical industry. Nitrile gloves tend to be preferred because of their robust resistance to disease and chemicals while also being latex-free to help safeguard against allergies for the care provider and patient alike. Latex gloves can also be used in settings such as laboratories and light-duty cleaning. 

Industrial Gloves 

Aurelia Gloves are ideal for almost any type of industry, including commercial cleaning, factory work, food processing, tattooing, and more. For environments with harsh chemicals, solvents, or heavy hands-on labour, nitrile gloves will be preferred for their strength and durability. Latex gloves also serve a crucial, cost-effective purpose for tasks and workplaces where workers just need a barrier for cleanliness and general protection like you’d find in a retail setting. 

Aurelia Gloves in Canada 

CanGard is a trusted supplier of personal protective equipment (PPE) in Canada. We carry an extensive collection of Aurelia Gloves for uses in dentistry, medicine, industry, and more. Visit our website today to find the products you’ve been looking for! 

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