What Are Nitrile Gloves Made Of?

What Are Nitrile Gloves Made Of

Nitrile gloves are an excellent form of hand protection. The nitrile glove material is made up of a chemical and puncture-resistant material called nitrile. Nitrile is fundamentally a reprocessed form of latex, which is made by combining butadiene and acrylonitrile

The lifecycle of nitrile gloves begins as rubber that is obtained from rubber trees. Then they get transformed into latex rubber. After getting transformed into latex rubber, they are reprocessed and turned into the nitrile compound material. The extra processing is carried out to remove all the latex proteins. This removal of all latex proteins ensures a lower allergy rate in nitrile gloves than the latex. 

What are nitrile gloves used for?

Nitrile gloves are obtaining popularity throughout the world. They are commonly used in food processing and food services, medical and dental hospitals, veterinary medicine, senior care, child care, sanitation and janitorial, chemical, manufacturing, and automotive industries. They can withstand many acids, chemicals, diesel fuels, grease, gasoline, mineral oils, and vegetable oils. This is why the Environmental Protection Agency highly recommends the use of nitrile gloves. 

They are frequently used in medical industries due to their dexterous strength and high puncture resistance. They provide efficient protection against pathogens and contamination. They offer stronger chemical resistance against most bases, acids, formaldehyde, iodine, chlorine, and many more. Many clinics and hospitals have started replacing latex gloves with nitrile gloves. 

Nitrile gloves are also obtaining popularity in the industries and have become an efficient alternative to latex gloves for many industrial users. Being derived from durable synthetic rubber, they have become quite appealing for the automotive and other industries. Being tougher, they offer 3X puncture resistance, thus lasting longer. 

According to Australian Food Standards, nitrile gloves are food safe, but you should always check before using nitrile gloves because not all the nitrile gloves are generally HACCP Certified food safe. 

Nitrile gloves at CanGardCare.com are HACCP Certified Food Safe. They are more robust quality gloves than latex gloves. They are Latex-free, BPA free, Vinyl free, Phthalate free, MBT free, and powder-free. They do not cause any allergic reactions, have higher chemical resistance and stronger puncture resistance. 

Nitrile gloves give excellent protection against environmental contamination as it is highly needed during the outbreak of COVID-19. However, ordinary gloves around your hands can offer a considerable amount of protection. But for complete protection, nitrile gloves are still needed. While moving to highly contaminated areas, people keep wearing ordinary gloves and think that they are safe from the virus and its effects. This is a big misconception. Your hands are safe only when they are completely protected from all the viruses of the environment. Nitrile gloves provide the best protection against infectious agents in the environment as well as from other pathogens. Still, it would be best if you did not forget to take them off before entering your home and throwing them carefully in the bin. It would be best if you discarded them in a way that all the germs, viruses, or any pathogens also leave as soon as you take off your gloves. Do not let any virus to get inside your home with you. 

Nitrile gloves VS Latex gloves

There is a lot of discussions about which gloves are better? Either nitrile gloves or latex gloves? So, CanGardCare.com is here to state clearly!

Although latex gloves are cheaper than nitrile gloves, nitrile gloves give stronger puncture resistance and higher chemical resistance than latex gloves. Nitrile gloves offer very low allergic reactions as they are 100% free of allergy-causing agents. On the other hand, latex gloves can cause severe skin allergies and infections to those who are having sensitive skin. Nitrile gloves are designed to fit the hands of the users best, while latex gloves are unable to be molded to your hand shape. Latex typically causes sticking, slipping, and other nuisances, unlike nitrile gloves. 

So, the nitrile gloves are a top-notch choice!

Everything you need to know about Nitrile Gloves

    Nitrile gloves are proven to be hypoallergic. 

    Nitrile gloves are entirely safe for the skin as they are 100% latex-free. 

    As nitrile gloves are made up of rubber materials, they are entirely waterproof. 

    If you keep the nitrile gloves away from heat and sunlight, they may last a lifetime, but it is better to keep them in the right place and their original packing.

    Being obtained from rubber materials, nitrile gloves are biodegradable.

    Nitrile gloves provide excellent protection against common chemicals, but strong grade chemicals may pass through somehow. 

    Nitrile gloves are proven to be non-toxic.

    Nitrile gloves are washable; hence they are economical. But it is recommended not to use solvents or bleach to avoid discoloration. 

    Nitrile gloves are much more elastic than any other gloves, thus providing optimal tactile sensitivity. 

    Nitrile gloves give lower resistance while being worn. 

In short, nitrile gloves may be a bit expensive, but they are the most delicate quality gloves. Nitrile is the primary material for producing nitrile gloves, which makes them best being non-toxic, hypoallergic, washable, waterproof, chemical resistant, puncture-resistant, safe, healthy to use, durable, and comfortable to use. 

Nitrile gloves at CanGardCare.com are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. Green nitrile gloves are generally used for vegetables. In contrast, blue nitrile gloves have a wide range of applications, including medical, healthcare, clinical and dental use, industrial use, poultry, food processing, and many more. On the other hand, black nitrile gloves are specially designed nitrile gloves for industrial use. 

An extensive range of sizes of nitrile gloves is available at CanGardCare.com, which ensures that every user finds the perfect fit for him/her.

With improved manufacturing techniques, price stability, avoiding allergies, and many more compelling advantages, our nitrile gloves take more of the market share. Check out our best nitrile gloves.

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