Why Dentists Should Be Using LED Teeth Whitening Lights

Women whitening teeth - Why Dentists Should Be Using LED Teeth Whitening Lights

In a competitive industry like dentistry, offering cutting-edge services can make all the difference in attracting and retaining clients. One such service is teeth whitening, an aesthetic treatment that’s always in high demand. But we don’t just mean traditional teeth whitening–we’re talking about using blue LED teeth whitening lights 

This advanced technology not only brightens smiles but can also benefit your dental business. Here’s why! 

What Are Blue LED Teeth Whitening Lights? 

Blue light teeth whitening devices use specific wavelengths of light to accelerate teeth whitening procedures. They’re typically encased in a plastic or silicone mould that fits over the patient’s teeth. 

Teeth whitening works by breaking down stains from substances like coffee, wine, and tobacco, typically using a bleaching agent. LED whitening lights amplify this process by providing extra energy to the reaction. They safely penetrate the enamel to weaken stain molecules, enhancing the treatment’s whitening effect. 

The Unrivaled Efficiency of LED Teeth Whitening 

Beyond their efficacy in promoting a brighter smile, blue LED teeth whitening lights are also revered for their non-invasive nature. Unlike other whitening procedures that might involve significant discomfort or a lengthy recovery period, this treatment offers remarkable results in a fraction of the time and with minimal discomfort. 

Is Blue LED Teeth Whitening Safe?

Whenever you’re bleaching teeth, it’s natural to wonder about the method’s safety. Luckily, LED teeth whitening is considered safer than many alternatives. These devices emit a specific wavelength of light that works in conjunction with a bleaching agent to break down stubborn stains on teeth from substances like coffee, wine, and tobacco. The light’s energy accelerates the bleaching process without the need for harsh physical scraping or excessive chemical exposure. They are designed to be gentle on enamel and are considered non-invasive, which minimizes the risk of discomfort and sensitivity post-treatment.

However, as with any cosmetic dental procedure, it’s advisable to consult with a dental professional to ensure that it is suitable for your particular dental health and to discuss any potential risks or side effects.

LED vs UV: Why LED is the Superior Choice 

While UV lights were once common for teeth whitening, they present risks, including cell damage and potential carcinogenic effects. LEDs, offering comparable or better whitening results, are a safer alternative. They operate at harmless wavelengths and don’t damage teeth or surrounding tissues, making LED the preferable choice for dental professionals and patients. 

Give Your Practice a Competitive Edge 

Elevate your dental practice today with CanGard’s blue LED teeth whitening lights. Deliver efficient and effective teeth whitening services that your clients will love. Reach out to CanGard Medical and Safety Supplies today to get started. 

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