Why Personal Protective Equipment Is Important?

Why Personal Protective Equipment Is Important

The coronavirus pandemic has swept across the world over the last year or so, interrupting all plans from college graduations to weddings. Though different places are in different levels of lockdown, with some European countries resorting to curfews or mandatory stay-at-home orders, other places have remained open for business, albeit with restrictions in place to ensure the safety of visitors, clients and employees.  

Personal protective equipment has played a considerable role in keeping us safe throughout the pandemic. Though it is usually only used by nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers, it is now more common than ever to walk into a local grocery store and see every shopper masked up. Since this virus spreads through the air, masks are an extremely effective way to protect yourself and others from contracting this disease.

It can be hard to know exactly what kind of personal protective equipment you might need, and shopping for it has become more challenging and more complex as the pandemic has continued. Lots of companies are struggling to keep up with the increase in demand, and supply chains are being slowed or stopped altogether due to factory shutdowns and decreases in the number of people allowed to work in close quarters. Fortunately, cangardcare.com allows you to see exactly what is in stock before buying masks in bulk for you or your company.  

What is PPE?

Personal protective equipment, or PPE for short, is any piece of equipment worn to protect yourself and others from exposure to harmful substances. Respirators are often used on job sites to protect against substances like paint fumes and sawdust. Almost all healthcare professionals use rubber gloves to keep them safe from pathogens transmitted from one person to another. And now, respirators and masks are used by nearly everyone worldwide to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Many people have started using cloth face coverings to protect against the spread of the coronavirus, but these face coverings are not considered personal protective equipment. This is mainly because a cloth mask’s effectiveness depends on the material, construction, fit, and more. While some cloth masks can be a good substitute for surgical masks or respirators, others may be totally ineffective at stopping the spread of droplets from one person to another. Masks and respirators designed for use in healthcare and other industries are always the best options.  

What Are Some Different Types of PPE?

Different types of PPE are designed to protect the user from different things. They can be broken down into four main categories based on what part of the body they are intended to protect: eye and face protection, hand protection, body protection, and respiratory protection. The amount of protection needed depends entirely on the job or task at hand, with different situations requiring different levels of protection.  

Protection of the eyes and face is achieved by wearing specially designed glasses, goggles, or face shields that decrease the chance of exposure to any number of substances, including chemicals and flying debris. The exact type of eye protection needed depends entirely on the job being performed, but general safety glasses are adequate for most jobs. There are specific safety glasses that should be used when working with lasers, and goggles should be used when working with harmful chemicals. Face shields can be helpful too and can protect against chemicals that cause damage to the skin as well as the eyes.  

Using gloves can be incredibly important in some situations. Whenever there is a chance of being exposed to bodily fluids, chemicals, or pathogens, gloves are a good idea. There are many different types, but disposable latex gloves are the way to go when exposure to pathogens and body fluids is likely.

Full body protection isn’t something the general public usually needs to worry about, but this kind of PPE can be necessary for anyone working in a laboratory setting. Traditional cotton or polyester lab coats can be used to protect against most chemical, biological, and radiation hazards. Still, a flame-resistant material may be necessary when working with overly reactive chemicals.  

Respiratory protection has been the most significant concern over the last year. While gloves are certainly a good idea for anyone trying to protect themselves from COVID-19, we now know that this virus is transmitted by water droplets released while you are breathing. Meaning masks are the most effective means of protection against this virus. Masks come in all shapes and sizes, the two most common being surgical masks and N-95 respirators. Both are effective protection against the spread of large droplets, meaning they are good choices for anyone trying to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  

Where Can I Buy My Own PPE?

Personal protective equipment can be hard to find, especially now that it is in such high demand. Unfortunately, many smaller retailers have been having trouble keeping things like masks and gloves in stock since the beginning of the pandemic. Luckily, online retailers like cangardcare.com have sprung up around the world, making PPE purchasing as easy as shopping for your next pair of shoes online.  

Shopping for masks online makes the entire process so much easier than it is in the store. There’s no pressure to quickly make a decision, and there’s extra information provided on each product. So you know exactly what you’re buying, and, most importantly, you have access to plenty of options so you can be sure to find a mask that fits your specific needs. The options on cangardcare.com are unreal, with a wide selection of masks and respirators.

This website allows you to buy masks in bulk, whether you’re an employer providing them to your staff or you’re just looking for masks for personal use. It’s easy to see what’s in stock, compare prices, and place orders from the comfort of your own home. Masks have never been as crucial as they are now, and buying them should be easy.