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Essential First Aid Supplies for Tattoo Studios

Tattoo artist at work on clients arm - Essential First Aid Supplies for Tattoo Studios

Safety in tattoo parlours extends beyond artistic skill to include a comprehensive first aid kit. This guide outlines critical supplies for handling minor injuries, preventing infections, and ensuring a sterile environment.  Must-Have First Aid Essentials  Gloves and Protective Gear: Quality medical gloves protect both artist and client by preventing cross-contamination. Ensure your parlour stocks up […]

Tattoo Parlour Supplies: Your Complete Guide to Sanitary & Safe Practices

Tattoo artist at work close up - Tattoo Parlour Supplies: Your Complete Guide to Sanitary & Safe Practices

Running a successful tattoo parlour requires more than just artistic skill; it’s about ensuring safety, sanitation, and efficiency with the right supplies. Clients should feel confident and cared for throughout the process. In this guide, we answer the top 10 frequently asked questions about safety supplies for tattoo parlours.  1. Why Are Nitrile Gloves Essential […]

Proper Removal of PPE: The Correct Order & Important Steps to Follow

Person removing gloves

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a regular part of life for many industries. This is especially true when it comes to medical facilities, dentist offices, long-term care facilities, and similar locations. However, it’s a good idea for everyone to learn about the correct disposal and removal of PPE because you never know when you’ll be […]

Is PPE The First Level of Protection? A Comprehensive Guide to Personal Protective Equipment

Is PPE The First Level of Protection

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment, and it’s a measure to protect workers from injury or illness due to contact with chemical, biological, or physical agents. It’s often considered the first level of protection, with special clothing worn on your skin to reduce exposure to hazards during work activities like working with chemicals. What is […]

1st Aid Kit Checklist: 20 Essential Items in Your First Aid Kit  

First Aid Supply Kit

Does the average first aid kit really cover everything that you need? They might have the basics for the most important emergencies you face–or they might not. You should run any kit you’re planning to buy through this 1st aid checklist, which includes 20 essential items you probably need in your kit. Remember, you can […]

What are Examples of Personal Protective Equipment Products? 5 Main Types

Examples of Personal Protective Equipment Products

When you think of personal protective equipment, you probably think of the basics- face mask, gloves, safety goggles.  But there are many different types of personal protective equipment that may be necessary for different situations.  The personal protective equipment worn by a medical doctor is different from a construction worker’s equipment.  Regardless of what you’re […]

PPE Checklist for Flights and Other Confined Spaces

woman at the airport sitting on luggage with face mask on

With many restrictions on travel slowly lifting, you might be ready to plan a trip. However, you might not be prepared for your flight experience. Strict flight guidelines are still in place to help reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19. Here we look at recommended PPE for flights and other confined spaces to help you prepare […]

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