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BD Vacutainers

BD Vacutainer® blood collection tubes are the top choice of medical personnel all over Canada. Providing a safe and effective method for blood collection, a Vacutainer® tube is less likely to break or spill due to innovative technology and strict manufacturing standards.

Many BD Vacutainers also come with specialized Hemogard™ closures, offering an extra layer of protection to medical workers.

View our BD Vacutainer® tube guide below to find out more about the tubes you’ll need for your medical facility.

Types of Vacutainer Tubes

BD Vacutainer® Tubes are evacuated blood collection tubes made of either plastic or glass. Most tube types contain various additives to aid in blood analysis. Colour-coded closures can be used to identify the type of tube.

CanGard offers the following categories of Vacutainer® tubes:

Vacutainer® Veinous Blood Collection Tube

Can be used for routine blood screening. Includes clot activator and gel for serum separation.

Vacutainer® Plus Tubes

A collection of plastic tube types containing various additives including sodium heparin, lithium heparin, sodium citrate and others.

Vacutainer® Urinalysis Tube

Used for urine testing and analysis.

Vacutainer® Plus PST™ Plasma Tube

Plastic tubes used for plasma determination. Additive inhibits clotting.

Vacutainer® Plus SST™ Serum Tube

Plastic tubes used for serum determination. Additive promotes clotting.

EDTA Vacutainer® Tubes

Blood test tubes spray-coated with K2EDTA, an anticoagulant.

BD Vacutainer® Tubes Colour Guide:

Hemogard™ Closure ColourConventional Stopper ColourUse/Additive
GoldRed & GreySerum determination, routine blood screening
Light GreenGreen & GreyPlasma determination with anticoagulant and separator
RedRedSerum determination with clot activator
OrangeStat serum determination with clot activator
Royal BlueTrace element, toxicology and nutritional-chemistry determinations
GreenGreenPlasma determination with anticoagulant
GreyGreyGlucose determinations
TanLead determinations
YellowMicrobiology specimen collections
LavenderLavenderWhole blood hematology determinations with EDTA
WhiteMolecular diagnostic tests
PinkPinkWhole blood hematology determinations
Light BlueLight BlueCoagulation determinations
ClearRed & Light GreyDiscard or secondary specimen tube

Vacutainer System

Vacutainer® tubes, needles and holders are intended to be used together as a system for effective blood collection.

Vacutainer® Tube Holder

BD Vacutainer® tube holders are compatible with the entire system of vacutainer blood collection products. From single-use holders to tube racks, we have everything you need for safe and efficient blood collection.

Vacutainer® Needles

At CanGard, we carry Vacutainer® needles for safe blood sample collection. Each needle comes with various safety features, including winged safety push buttons and sterile tubing.

Vacutainer® Syringes

CanGard also carries general BD syringes that can be used with or without a needle. This makes them ideal for an array of medical treatments and procedures.

Buying Medical Supplies in Bulk

You’ll find everything you need for medical blood collection in Canada here. Contact CanGard today to place your BD Vacutainer® order with us!

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