BD367988 Vacutainer® Plus SST™ Serum Tube (case of 1000)

Used for serum determination in chemistry. These tubes may also be used for routine blood donor screening, immunohematology and diagnostic testing of serum for infectious disease.

  • Closure.
  • Polymer Gel.
  • Clot activator.
  • Paper label.
  • Material: Plastic, silicon coated interior.
  • Sterile.

Additional Information:

  • Composition / Ingredient: Plastic; Silicone Coated
  • Sterility: Sterile
  • Latex content: Latex-Free
  • Brand: Vacutainer® Plus SST™
  • Feature / Property: Closure, Polymer Separator Gel, Clot Activator Additive, Paper Label, For Serum

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