Construction PPE Checklist: All the Items You’ll Need

Construction Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) checklist- CanGard

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is the term for all of the items that can keep you safe on the job. In regulated environments, such as construction, there is a bare minimum standard of which PPE you require. You may also need to go beyond this depending on the specific safety hazards that you face.  

Your workplace should have a list of their approved PPE for construction workers. You can also use our construction site safety equipment list below to find out what you may need.

Head Protection 

Hard hats are required on construction sites to protect your head from falling objects and other blunt forces. There are several types and classes of head protection, so you will need to investigate which is best for your circumstances. The two main options are: 

  • Type One: Protects the top of the head from impact and penetration. 
  • Type Two: Provides additional defence at the top and around the sides of the hat.  

Hearing Protection 

If your construction site has any noise over 85 decibels, you will need hearing protection. Hearing injury happens slowly but is irreversible, and your hearing will be significantly damaged before you notice it. There are two main types of protection you might use: 

  • Earplugs: Provide basic hearing protection and can be comfortable and lightweight. 
  • Earmuffs: Usually provide more advanced protection and can incorporate a communication system. 

Respiratory Protection 

All construction sites are dusty. When working on some sites, you may also be exposed to fumes, mist, gases, vapours, etc. Depending on your specific risks, you may need either an air-purifying respirator or a supplied air respirator. 

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Work Boots 

When it comes to work boots, just choosing a “steel-toe” boot is often not good enough. You want to look into the CSA-designated grades of protective footwear. Although, on most construction sites, you will be required to wear the most protective boots: Grade 1. These protect from sharp punctures, like from nails and other sharp objects. 

Hand Protection 

Gloves are one of the most overlooked PPE items. We get that it is often a little frustrating to wear gloves when you are working. However, it is critical to wear the right gloves to protect your hands from serious injury. There are three kinds of glove protection: cut resistance, puncture resistance, and abrasion resistance. Each glove should have a separate rating for each. In construction, you may also require gloves rated for vibration reduction, protection from heat and flames and heat degradation resistance. 

High Visibility Clothing 

There is one standard for high visibility clothing: CSA standard Z96-15 (High-Visibility Safety Apparel). There are certain acceptable colours for high visibility clothing, and the type and number of high visibility items you need to wear are also described in this standard.  

You should also consider using an eye protection and a fall protection PPE checklist. CanGard offers a wide range of PPE suitable for your construction site. Bring us your PPE inspection checklist, and we can help you find what you need. 

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