What Are the Different Types of Syringe Tips?

Syringe sitting on top of vial - What are the different types of syringe tips?

Medical syringe tips come in four common styles: luer lock, slip tip, catheter tip, and eccentric tip. Additionally, needles come in various gauges (thicknesses) and lengths for multiple applications. Understanding the differences between these types can help ensure the safe and effective use of these medical devices. 

4 Main Syringe Tip Styles  

The four common types of syringe tips are: 

  1. Luer Lock Tip: This is a threaded tip that twists onto the needle hub, providing a secure connection that prevents leaks or accidental disconnections. 
  2. Slip Tip: This is a smooth tip that slides onto the needle hub, which is suitable for administering medications that require frequent needle changes. 
  3. Catheter Tip: This type of tip has a tapered end that is ideal for irrigating wounds, flushing catheters, or feeding tubes. 
  4. Eccentric Tip: This type of tip has an off-center opening that allows for precise placement of medication in hard-to-reach areas. 

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