What Is The Difference Between A 2-Part And 3-Part Syringe?

Person receiveing vaccine - What is the difference between a 2-part and 3-part syringe?

When it comes to disposable syringes, there are two main types to choose from: 2-part and 3-part syringes. The critical differences between the two are the construction and functionality. Learn more about each type below.  

3-Part Syringes  

A 3-part syringe includes a barrel, plunger and rubber gasket at the tip of the plunger to create a seal. This type is the most widely found syringe and offers multiple functionalities. However, the rubber gasket can “grab” the sides of the barrel, making the syringe sticky. To prevent this, a silicone-based lubricant is often needed. While this lubricant doesn’t interfere with most applications, it can contaminate some medical, laboratory, and production samples.  

2-Part Syringes 

A 2-part syringe has only a barrel and plunger. Instead of a rubber tip, it uses a precisely engineered and slightly oversized plunger head that expands the barrel and creates a vacuum as it’s drawn downwards. In addition, a 2-part syringe does not require a lubricant to work, making it ideal for applications that cannot have the potential for foreign substances, such as silicone oil, to interfere with the desired results. 

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