What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is Required When Working with Ethyl Alcohol?

Type of PPE used when Working with Ethyl Alcohol

The frequency and the amount of disinfectant we use today are unprecedented. Though these chemicals keep us safe from germs and viruses, there is another angle to consider regarding their use. These chemicals were never meant to be used this frequently, and now when they are a necessity, we need proper caution while dealing with them. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provides an optimum level of safety against the hazards of disinfectants like Ethyl Alcohol. 

You need to keep your skin, eyes, hands, and body safe from the fumes, spills, and contact with Ethyl Alcohol. Depending on your work environment, you may need different types of PPE. Have a look at the protection equipment available at CanGardCare. 

Not wearing personal protective equipment is a severe risk you will be exposed to. The hazards of ethyl Alcohol vary depending on its concentration and the contact type. It can be as casual as some skin irritation or as severe as liver damage, blindness, cataract, or asthma. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 

Ideally, your choice of PPE must depend on the risk factors regarding Ethyl Alcohol. It can be hazardous for the eyes and skin on contact. It can also pose breathing problems on inhalation. Therefore, it is essential to use gloves, eye protection, a PPE for the body, and a mask. You can select  Personal Protective Equipment according to your convenience level too. For example, some people may prefer a face shield over safety glasses. For inhalation safety, you may choose a respirator or a KN 95 mask.

For a detailed overview of all the choices available for Personal Protective Equipment, please visit  CanGardCare. They have a category-based product list that makes it easy to compare and choose. 

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